All the jewellery trends you need to know this summer

We have seen a lot of fun trends in jewellery this season; from jazzy big hoops to oversized dangling geometric earrings. Eccentric sizes and shapes have taken over the jewellery making industry like a storm. With styles heavily influenced by sculpture and chunky chains for the coming year we are expecting a whole new level of artistry and craftsmanship from designers.

Read on to satisfy your itch for a quick style insight for the year 2020!

1. Extra Large Hoops

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Models hit the spring / summer 2020 runway donning some of the biggest hoops we have seen to date. Some of them almost similar in size to a door knocker, and it is expected that the size is only going to increase from there. So brace yourself for some humungous earrings.

2. Over-sized Link Chains

Talk of the oversized trend which was taken to a whole new level at the Brandon Maxwell show; with enormous link chains paired with monochromatic dresses made a dramatic appearance as models walked in the designer ensembles. This trend is not for the faint of heart. However, these statement chains can uplift any mundane outfit in a matter of minutes.

3. Modern Pearls

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Pearls are evergreen and we have no second thoughts about it. However, with a new wave of time comes to a new wave of transition. This coming year we are expecting petite and polished shiny pearls sewn into a dainty strand to make up a romantic necklaces. We’re also looking forward to PrabalGurung’s take on pearl earrings; bold and edgy ear cuffs and pearls dangling from wire loops. However, if you are a fan of classics then you can still flaunt your grandmother’s jewellery because well pearls are forever.

4. Mismatched Earrings

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Finally, the day has come when you can flaunt your lovely standalone earring whose other half you lost during a party. Mix and match your earrings to make a statement that is how we are going to celebrate the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one! Make use of all your single earring pieces to make a lasting impression.

5. Bright & Vibrant Color

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Take a break from the traditional metalwork that defines most of the jewellery trends, embrace the natural beauty and colorful nature of the season with colorful jewels embedded bold and statement making pieces. Stuff your wrists with beautiful emerald green and yellow bracelets made from gemstones or decorate your ear lobes with chunky butterfly earrings with vibrant color patterns. This New Year crams up your jewel drawer with colorful additions of your favorite pieces.

Single earring, long chandelier earrings or chunky collars are going to be a big part of the coming year. You can expect to see celebs donning some really chunky pieces, which is to say that the era of flimsy and dainty jewellery pieces is more than over for now.

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