Shipping and Returns

Sahmani Jewellery Ltd Shipping & Return Policy


Sahmani Jewellery Limited offers complimentary local and international shipping.


Please note our return policy varies depending on the category of jewellery under consideration. These are explained below:

  1. "Made To Order" jewellery, also referred to as "Collection" Pieces; and
  2. "Bespoke by Sahmani" pieces, and customised "Made to Order" or "Collection" pieces


Made To Order Jewellery Pieces

With the exception of earrings, we offer a 14 day return window to review made to order piece of jewellery. If you are not completely satisfied with your item, you may return it for a full refund minus any delivery cost.

Due to hygiene best practice, earrings cannot be returned or refunded once delivered.

To be eligible for return and refund, you must:

  • present a valid receipt
  • present items in the same condition as they were sent

If the item is damaged in any way it WILL void our return policy. Please note: while you have possession of any item, you are fully responsible for its value and care. It is not insured under our policy once delivered.


Bespoke by Sahmani jewellery pieces & Customised Made to Order, Collection pieces

Bespoke by Sahmani pieces will not be accepted for refund or return.

If an item is damaged or missing on delivery, please take clear and detailed images and inform us immediately. 


Special Conditions

  • We reserve the right to change a return policy on certain items/situations on a case by case basis, if so we will inform the client in writing prior to commencing a transaction.
  • We reserve the right to decline services to individuals whom we feel we cannot adequately serve.
  • Design fees are non refundable.


How to Return an Item

If you have purchased an item and would like to return it, please contact us. Depending on the value of the item you are returning, you may be given special instructions on how process a return.

Items returned MUST be in the same new condition as they were when they were delivered to you. Damaged items wont be accepted and will be ineligible for a refund.

Once we’ve received your item, we will issue a refund, less shipping costs. Shipping costs unfortunately cannot be refunded. Refunds will be processed within 10 to 15 working days.

In order to prevent potential theft, please do not write any words on the package shipping label that may indicate the contents of the package (this includes jewellery, gemstones, diamonds, etc).  Please do not declare the exact contents of your return. If required by customs or the shipping company, specify the item is an "Antique Sample" or "Rock Crystal Sample".




Please Note: NO insurance coverage OR value is to be declared on returned items. Our insurance company will issue insurance coverage on the return shipment.