About Us

Sahmani is an independent Ghanaian luxury jewellery brand that specialises in premium made to order and bespoke handcrafted items for your collection. 

​Our golden emblems honour Ghanaian traditions and culture. We are inspired by your favourite Adinkra symbols, said to have been sent from heaven to an ancient warrior king. 

​A Sahmani piece uses these timeless emblems to celebrate your triumphs and mark the challenges that made you.




We're on a mission to normalise the presence of Black luxury in the jewellery space.

Our rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are made to order and can be customised to your meet your discerning tastes. 

Each design is initially hand-sketched, before being 3D modelled. Pieces are then hand-cast in by our artisan jewellers, who will also add any precious stones that have been selected. (All Sahmani materials, including gemstones, are ethically sourced.)

We also offer a bepsoke design service because you derserve greatness.