About The Founder

 About the Founder

Aisha Asamany - Sahmani Founder

Hi, I'm Aisha, I design your jewellery!



(the beach is one of my favourite places to photograph collection pieces)




(all pieces, bespoke and collection start old school with a pencil, paper and a sketch...from there the design is built by a member of my team into a 3D design)



Aisha Asamany is an exceptional self-taught British-Ghanaian jewellery designer and Founder of Sahmani. Prior to entering the dizzying world of luxury jewellery, Aisha worked as a Management Consultant for some of the UKs best known financial institutions. Across HSBC, Barclays, private wealth asset manager Northern Trust and others, she worked her way up from a PA to leading on some of the UK banks most high profile projects.


Growing up with her British-Caribbean Lecturer mother and Ghanaian Businessman father encouraging her to dream big, she started designing demi-fine rings and pendants with her modern take on Adinkra that fit perfectly with her cultural identity and her corporate surroundings. Originally starting purely as a personal project to replace an adinkra ring she had made in Ghana on of her annual trips (which she subsequently lost on a night out in London), Aisha launched Lonam in 2016 at Africa Fashion Week London whilst juggling a contract at Barclays Bank. In 2018, a collaboration to celebrate Women’s Empowerment with Fairtrade chocolate prouder Divine, sparked the start of the evolution into SAHMANI (loosely derived from her family surname). The re-brand elevated the aesthetic and took into account the new bespoke fine jewellery service.

Aisha's unique perspective and upbringing in both the UK and Ghana have given her a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and the power of storytelling. She draws on these influences to create jewellery that is not only beautiful, but also meaningful. Whether you're looking for a statement piece to wear on special occasions or a daily reminder of your heritage, Sahmani has something for you. 

Having made the move to Accra with her husband and baby son during the 2019 Year of Return, she continues to serve her discerning Ghanaian and international clients, by turning their personal stories into luxury forever pieces that celebrate important milestones. Aisha continues to live in Accra with her husband and 2 young sons.



Aisha Asamany - Sahmani Founder Behind the scenes
(behind the scenes on a campaign shoot - this is me in my natural state, my big natural curly hair, a t-shirt and jeans)