Delicate fine jewellery - made in ghana

Lovely Little Diamonds

Celebrate distinctly Ghanaian design and show your pride with earrings created in deluxe 18k yellow gold and impeccably set with ten twinkling white diamonds. Made in Ghana.


Bestie Bracelets

Showcase your everlasting friendship with a delicate gift honouring your time spent together, whether close by or at a distance. Made in 18k yellow gold with a choice of natural birthstones.


Fan Favourites in Gold Plated Vermeil

Fearless III Ring

Design details shine in this multi-textured finished statement ring in vermeil

Made to Order


Victoria Charm Bangle

Statement cuff multi-symbol bracelet in vermeil - the perfect party conversation starter

Made to Order

gold adinkra bracelet sahmani

Sahmani Charm Bangle

The original adinkra bracelet in vermeil inspired by the ancient adornments of our kings and queens

Made to Order


Naming Ceremony

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Ghanaian Luxury

SAHMANI is a Ghanaian luxury jewellery brand that specialises in personalised made to order and bespoke handcrafted pieces for your collection. Our pieces are crreated by infusing traditional Ghanaian symbolism and cultural cues with ultra-modern and long-established jewellery production techniques.

We're here to normalise the presence of Black luxury in the jewellery space. You're entitled to greatness.

Beautifully Bespoke

Designed and carefully crafted for you using modern and traditional techniques to create the most personal and meaningful tokens.

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Sunray Necklace

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I got a custom name pendant that I’m absolutely in love with and wear all day, every day. Will definitely be ordering more beautiful pieces! 💛


Love the beautiful jewellery and unique Ghanaian adinkra symbols 


You are the best I tell you. Not only did I get an amazing ring, I got an education as well.

Michael O.

Store bought is so basic ! There is no one I would trust more with to deliver outstanding quality service and product. I have been sourcing all my custom made jewellry from Sahmani and I couldn’t be happier! The amount of care that goes into understanding each piece to ensure that it’s unique and personalised to you is outstanding. 


I wanted something designed bespoke for me with an African influence, but all the designers I found were Italian and French, but I wanted an African designer for my African piece. I'm happy I found you.


I never take these studs off except to clean and put them back on


I know you say its part of the part of the process but I just want to say thank you again for taking so much time to design my earrings. I really really love it.


She loves it!! And not just because of me...but because of you and your beautiful design!!!

Shirley P.

I absolutely adore my Open Charm Ring! Really amazing quality and gets the MOST compliments from people! Thank you