Exploring Accra's Vegan Scene: Our Favorite Plant-Based Restaurants and Cafes

Discover the Top Vegan Restaurants in Accra



Are you a vegan in Accra looking for the best plant-based eateries in the city? Look no further than our blog! We've scoured Accra to find the top vegan restaurants, with delicious food, great vibes, and a commitment to sustainability.

La ‘Boul Accra
+233 50 577 5698
(pickup and delivery only - 24hours notice required)
French bakery and plant based don’t often work together in the same sentence but there you go. Fleur is a flour magician. I have been TRYING to eat less bread and then along came Fleur and messed with my plans. I quite literally have banned myself from ordering more than once a week. Yep it’s that serious. 
A lot of the baked goods on her menu are “regular” but the vegan options are helpfully labelled so you can pick out your carb coma goodies with ease. 
What I order: multigrain baguettes, boule (a steal at just 5ghs), the multigrain loaf and my new favourite thing to eat and the reason for my self imposed ban, palmiers. I’d never eaten a palmier before, ever, but saw this labelled vegan on the menu (and then messaged to double check) and gave it a try. It’s one of those dishes that tastes too buttery and rich to be vegan. The palmiers really make me squint with suspicion every time because they’re soooo amazing. For my little ones 1st birthday I just ordered a massive box instead of a cake. Selfish much? Speaking of cakes, Mr Sahmani ordered my vegan coconut and pineapple birthday cake from her...I’m convinced there’s nothing she can’t do with flour. 
How to order from La Boul bakery: Send a what’s app message to +233 50 577 5698, you'll find the full menu in the business account section of what’s app (just click La Boul in the top of the window and you should find the menu where the media files are normally stored). Once you’ve decided what you’d like, send a message via what’s app, confirm delivery details abs pay using Momo (mobile money number is the same as above) and arrange collection or delivery.
Kingston Kitchen
+233 24 948 1216
(delivery only kitchen)
How do I explain to you how delicious this food is? This food just reminds me of the Caribbean takeaway I used to eat in London. Hello Granny’s! Hello Peppers and Spice...if you know, you know (as Mr Sahmani would say). Most of the delivery only menu is pretty meat heavy but the plant based dishes are incredible. Delivery used to be multiple times a week but much to my dismay, it’s Fridays only at the time of writing this. 
What I order: whichever vegan dish is on the menu for the week. I’m adore the meal packs think curry sauce (with chickpeas, sweet potatoes and veggies) paired with rice and peas and fried plantain. I also tend to order a side of roti and festival (also all vegan). Just. Bliss. 
How to order from Kingston Kitchen: Send a what’s app to +233 24 948 1216 and ask to be sent the menu for that week. Once you’ve made your selection, send a message to the above number and confirm your order by paying with Momo (mobile money number is the same as above too), then confirm your delivery details. Simple!
Devour falafel with a tortilla wrap, lettuce, lentils, hummus and sriracha sauce.
+233 24 326 8114
(delivery only kitchen)
All vegan? Check? All vegan AND gluten free? Check! The lovely Sureena runs devour and though I haven’t been diagnosed with a gluten allergy or intolerance, my stomach does appreciate her clean, tasty cooking, i.e. I’m definitely less bloated. 
Delivering once a week, you’ll need a bit of advanced planning to have her goodies delivered for dinner. Sureena makes vegan, gluten free and keto options from dips abs sauces to breads, main dishes (gluten free lasagne anyone?) and dried pantry staples (e.g. pumpkin seeds and quinoa). 
What I order: black bean burgers and falafel (which I freeze and add to salad for a quick weekday lunch)  beetroot hummus and her pantry staples like quinoa, sunflower seeds and wholewheat flour. 
How to order from Devour: Send a what’s app message to Sureena on +233 24 326 8114 and ask for the menu. Once you’ve chosen your goodies, confirm your order with her and pay using Momo (mobile money number is different from the above - please confirm when ordering) or cash on delivery.
Tomato Pizza
+233 (0) 24 059 1474
(eat in, takeout, delivery)
Tomato is run by ex energy consultant Claudio. He’s like the cool Italian uncle you never knew you needed. Insanely passionate about his food and just a joy to be around Claudio is part of the experience at Tomato. 
In truth, there aren’t many obviously vegan items on the menu but just ask for a customised version of whatever takes your fancy. The staff are super accommodating. 
What I order: the parmigiana pizza - made in the on-site pizza oven (I ask for no cheese) or the penne al norma (no modification needed)...both aubergine based dishes) with a sticky semi sweet tomato sauce. 
How to order from Tomato: If you’re eating in, it’s pretty self explanatory, just call the waiter over. Note Tomato is located near Marina Mall in the Atlantic Tower complex, you’ll have to go through a security barrier and let security know you’re there to eat at Tomato. Parking is right outside the restaurant but it’s limited - security should be able to guide you if the allocated bays are full. If you want a takeout or delivery, call +233 (0) 24 059 1474 to place your order (current menu below) and the helpful staff will give you an estimated wait time, which is usually pretty accurate.
+233 (0) 24 059 1474
(eat in, takeout, delivery)
Mahorgany is all vegan so order anything on the menu. With two locations in North Ridge and East Legon (A&C mall), we love this eat in, takeout, mini health food shop. 
What I order: kind of addicted to the pineapple pie. Real pineapple chunks and crispy, flaky pastry. Yum. 
How to order from Mahorgany: personally, I normally order in person as the east Legon store is near my local bank branch, but you can call or what’s app +233 (0) 24 059 1474. Mahorgany has a set menu but availability varies so your best bet is to call and ask what they have ready and available. I’ve also tried to order through the ShopNaw app (similar to Jumia) but they didn’t have anything I wanted available, hence the suggestion to call first.
What‘s your favourite place to eat a vegan/ plant based meal in Accra?
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