The Art Lover's Guide to Accra - Our Recommendations for the Best Galleries and Museums

Looking for the best art galleries in Accra? Our blog has got you covered! Discover the vibrant art scene of Accra with our insider's guide to the top exhibitions, artists, and galleries in town. Our expert recommendations will help you explore the best of traditional and contemporary art in Accra. From hidden gems to must-see exhibitions, our guide has everything you need to find your next favorite artist. Explore the world of Ghanaian art and step inside the best galleries and museums in Accra with our comprehensive guide.





Gallery 1957:


This contemporary art gallery is located in the upmarket neighborhood of Accra and focuses on showcasing emerging and established artists from across the African continent. With an impressive collection of works across various mediums, Gallery 1957 is a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

Location: Inside the Kempinski Hotel

Nubuke Foundation

Nubuke Foundation:


Dedicated to promoting contemporary African art, Nubuke Foundation boasts a diverse range of exhibitions that showcase the best of Ghanaian art. The gallery also hosts regular workshops, film screenings, and talks, making it a hub for creative minds in Accra.


ANO Gallery Accra
ANO Gallery:


Located in the heart of Osu, ANO Gallery is a vibrant space that showcases contemporary African art in all its forms. From paintings and sculptures to installations and mixed media works, ANO Gallery offers a unique perspective on the African art scene.


Artists Alliance Gallery:


Founded in 1993, Artists Alliance Gallery is one of the oldest galleries in Accra and has played a key role in promoting Ghanaian art both locally and internationally. With a focus on contemporary art, the gallery features works by some of the most exciting artists in Ghana today.


Gallery GM:


Specializing in traditional and contemporary African art, Gallery GM is a unique space that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the African continent. From stunning bronze sculptures to colorful paintings and textiles, this gallery is a must-visit for anyone interested in African art.


Terra Alta Gallery:


Located in the Labone neighborhood, Terra Alta Gallery is a contemporary art space that showcases works by both local and international artists. With a focus on promoting young and emerging talent, the gallery offers a fresh perspective on the art scene in Accra.


La Villa Boutique Hotel
La Villa Boutique:


This boutique hotel in Osu is also home to a stunning art gallery that showcases works by some of the most exciting artists in Ghana. With regular exhibitions and events, La Villa Boutique is a unique space that offers visitors a chance to experience Ghanaian art in a luxurious setting.

Museum of Science and Technology:


While not strictly an art gallery, the Museum of Science and Technology in Accra has a fascinating collection of traditional Ghanaian art and artifacts that are well worth a visit. From intricately carved masks and statues to colorful textiles and pottery, this museum is a treasure trove of Ghanaian culture.


Featured image by Sika Amakye - Like a Memory of Night