Introducing Sahmani x Adjoaa: Uniting Tradition and Style


We are thrilled to announce that Sahmani has joined forces with London based, a leading platform dedicated to showcasing exceptional African fashion and design. This partnership marks an exciting milestone for us as we expand our reach and bring our exquisite jewellery pieces to a broader audience.

At Sahmani, we are passionate about celebrating Ghanaian traditions and cultures through our handcrafted jewellery infused with symbolism and cultural essence. With, we have found the perfect platform to share our creations with a community that appreciates the beauty of African craftsmanship and the stories behind each piece.

By joining Adjoaa, we aim to connect with discerning individuals who seek unique and meaningful jewellery that embodies elegance, heritage, and individuality. Through this collaboration, we can share the Sahmani experience with a wider audience, allowing more people to adorn themselves with pieces that exude timeless beauty and celebrate the richness of Ghanaian culture.

We invite you to explore our curated collection on, where you will discover a range of exquisite designs meticulously crafted to capture the essence of our heritage. From statement pieces to everyday adornments, each Sahmani creation tells a story and invites you to embrace your own narrative.

Join us on this remarkable journey as Sahmani and Adjoaa come together to offer a captivating fusion of tradition and style. We are excited to share our jewellery with you and look forward to connecting with the vibrant community of Adjoaa.

Discover Sahmani on and elevate your style with jewellery that celebrates the beauty of Ghana's cultural heritage.


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