7 new ways we’ve improved our design




Made in sterling silver and plated in a thick layer of 18karat yellow gold (vermeil)  our bestselling charm bracelet is one of the foundations of the brand. Featuring 13 symbols inspired by ancient Adinkra symbols from Ghana, the bracelet is an homage to the adornments of Ghanaian Chiefs and Queen Mothers.



Say Akwaaba to the 2022 version with 7 new changes we know you'll love.



1. The 2022 version of our bestselling bracelet / bangle has an oval profile to sit more comfortably and snug to your wrist. Perfect for long brunches that turn into lunches…


2. Each of the 13 symbols has more points of contact to the band, ensuring that each shape has an even stronger foundation.



3. All new bangles are engraved with the “SAHMANI” logo for authenticity. The logo is embedded into the 3D design mold to get a deep and durable finish which will last for years to come.


4. We know you love to feel the weight of this, so we’ve increased the weight by an average of 10grams (depending on bracelet size). You have to try one on to really understand, but you’ll be able to tell that we’re playing at a new level.



5. For the first time we’ve changed the original double oval end of the bangle to a sleek simple spherical end. This part of the bangle is subject to the most wear and tear and so we’ve made a more long wearing version that can keep up with all your dancing, drumming, eating and cooking....



6. We’ve improved the symmetry of the symbols, paying closer attention to detail whilst keeping their distinctly ancient organic Ghanaian roots in tact.


7. For a touch of modernity, the band now has a wider, flatter profile which not only adds to the style, but increases the comfort and durability of the bracelet.